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3D Printer for Construction Industry

Electrical Engineering3D printing is making its own way in the field of construction. Today, leading construction companies are using this advanced technology of 3 dimensional printing for the creation of complex components or even for the construction of whole buildings and with this, there is opening up a whole new realm of possibilities for architects everywhere. Whether, use this 3D technology in creating new aesthetic structures or providing low-cost housing, the future of the buildings is likely to be blooming.

    Advantage 3D printer offer in construction industry :-

  • The 3 dimensional printing allows faster and accurate construction by transferring a digital model into a physical one
  • It reduces the labour cost incredibly as 3D printer does most of the work with minimal human effort
  • 3D printer print components to order during the construction phase, hence reduces waste generation
  • It replaces dangerous jobs on site with printing processes, thus reducing health and safety risks
  • The 3D printing technology promotes eco friendly construction process by using recycled products to produce the construction materials
  • Structural components made through 3D printing use less material than the same components made using normal concrete forming techniques
  • 3D printers has made it possible to use curvilinear forms in common structures for strongest structural design possible


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