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3D Printer for Environmental Conservation

Electrical Engineering3D printing has earned its credibility in many manufacturing companies for its environment friendly performance. The use of 3D printers has remarkably reduced the generation of waste during manufacturing of products and lead times.

    Advantage 3D printer offer in environment conservation :-

  • In underwater conservation work, artificial reefs created by 3D printers with precast concrete are used for conservation work in many parts of the world. Complex nature of reefs makes it an impossible thing to do using traditional moulding techniques.
  • In manufacturing industries, 3D printing has the potential to design and produce a wide range of products with complex geometry
  • It also aids in reducing material waste, saving energy and shortening the lead time
  • 3D printing technology is capable of creating affordable products in an efficient manner such that they are durable and lighter having close to zero waste
  • Allows engineer to create products and components using organic and eco- friendly material
  • 3D printers can also use recycled material for creating new products


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