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3D Printer for Fashion Industry

According to a report published by Gartner, customer spending on 3D printers will hit $ 13.4 billion by 2018. Israeli designer Danit Peleg is the first to have 3D printed an entire fashion collection at home. It gives you the freedom of creating not only that already exist but also that is in our imagination. 3D printing gives any creative mind the possibility to turn their creation into reality.

Apparel Designing

Apparel DesigningWith 3D printers, apparel designing has come a long way in the industry. There are evolving a whole new collection of materials, prints and colors that, some years back, were impossible to imagine also. This advanced technology of 3D printing has just opened a new dimension for the designers to completely change their way of imagining and creating a piece of apparel.

    Advantage 3D printers offer in apparel designing:-

  • Opens up a wide scope for designers to include a variety of prints in their collection
  • Enable the fashion designers to experiment with as many materials as possible
  • Reduces time on scaling and altering designs
  • Allows the designers to show their creativity in conceptual garments
  • With 3-D printing, designers can produce as wide or limited quantities as they want in shorter lead times
  • Helps you to allow change in clothing and its shape adapt according to the sensory
  • experience of the person wearing the garment

Jewelry Designing

Jewelry Designing3D printers in jewelry designing give you freedom to create new designs, improve traditional processes for jewellery production and also eliminate many of the traditional steps.

    Advantage 3D printers offer in jewelry designing:-

  • 3D printers are not restricted by design complexity, and can render the most complex shapes and geometries
  • The technology is capable of creating pieces without the need of tools or moulds
  • 3D printers enable for instant modification of any design to include, remove,  and modify features, adjust sizing to a perfect fit,
  • 3D printing technology is incredibly enhancing the potential of jewelry designers by bringing in a place to re-imagine the classic traditions generally used in jewelry manufacturing. It gives you an excellent opportunity to create a collection of personalized and meaningful jewelry.
  • Eliminates the work of mould-making, fabrication, casting, electroplating, forging, silver/gold smithing, stone-cutting, engraving and polishing
  • Traditionally, the design and manufacturing process for jewellery has always required high levels of expertise and knowledge

Shoes Designing

Shoes DesigningShoe Designing has been incredibly benefitted with the introduction of3D printers in the industry. Today, all big brands of footwear industry are using 3D Printing technology to give customers shoes that are custom made for them.

    Advantage 3D printers offer in shoes designing:-

  • 3D printing has helped improving design and production performance
  • 3D printing helps them to compress its design cycles and squeeze in more design iterations within limited time frames.
  • Allows you to engineer shoes with excellence in both appeal and performance
  • Gives the opportunity to designers for experimenting with a number of materials
  • 3D printing allows getting creative with sole designs
  • It eliminates the limits of usual sole moulding techniques and can print incredibly complex structures
  • Enables to design orthotic shoes that alleviate a patient’s foot pain and improve comfort
  • For athletics, 3D printing is definitely a game changer


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