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3D Printer for Robotics

Dental TreatmentOne of the prime advantages with 3D printing in robotics is that it has made the process of building robots quite easy and simple. The technology also allows for rapid prototyping and experimentation.

    Advantage 3D printer offer in robotics :-

  • The technology makes the robot making process easy and quick
  • 3D printers offer a wide range of lightweight, maintenance- and corrosion-free range of robot joints
  • Eliminates the cost of expensive milling and cutting while making robots
  • With the introduction of new materials, 3D printing technology has also reduced the moving mass of robots to a minimum
  • The use of a 3D printer has made it possible to combine the robot’s soft and hard elements in a single structure
  • It gives the engineers an excellent freedom of designing the robot with whatever configuration of parts they can imagine


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