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3D Printer in Specialty Materials

Electrical Engineering3D printing technology opens up a new spectrum for industries to get a wide range of specialty materials with specific, predictable properties. It gives you the widest range of materials that help you in creating biocompatible surgical guides, ergonomic tooling or realistic prototypes that closely resemble finished products.

    Advantage 3D printer offer in specialty materials :-

  • Gives you a wide range of materials for diverse application requirements
  • Can create materials with properties ranging from transparent to opaque, rubber to rigid, neutral to vibrantly colored and standard to biocompatible
  • Can even let you combine several materials in one 3D printed model
  • 3D printers let you expand the possibilities by blending two or three base resins to create maximum number of composite materials with specific and predictable properties
  • The technology gives you the freedom of creating a range of hues, translucencies and other properties so that you can get the most imaginative prototypes exceptional end-product realism
  • Specialty materials created by 3D printers for medical and dental applications provide the same fine detail and accuracy with added benefit of biocompatibility


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