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1.What are the challenges you face when it comes to print market in India?

The Market in india which used to controlled by smaller printing units called colorlab have been over run by the high production offset printers , which being costly are not affordable for all. we are strongly believe that printing does not end, instead it changes it form with time. We look forward to re energize the printing industry with our innovate products. The world is changing fast, new ideas ,new thoughts, new market, new generation, New Needs. We are here with the best solution that is meant for the NEW WORLD. We are in the TODAY and will take you to the bright TOMORROW.

2.What are the new products you will show case in this show?

The 3D printing is catching the attention of the world market and India is developing at a very fast rate will have to catch up with it at the earliest. We introduce to the Indian market the fastest Professional 3D printer which we exhibit so that clients can understand the range of possibilities and apply their creative minds and find ways to use the worlds latest invention, which is said will have an even bigger impact on economies and society than the internet in the next 10 years.
We understand that the silver halide printing has its own advantages over the offset printing and we thus introduce the product with a different flavour of bigger size. We have the world famous englargement machine Imetto that have machines which can print up to 30 inch size of paper , 40 inch of paper and 50 inch of paper from 12 inch paper size.

3.Other than this show which of the other national or international trade shows you will be showcasing your products?

We are trying to create awareness and hence look forward to participate in all possible big and small fairs so that more people understand the tomorrow. Our parent company are participating all the major international fair all round the world and gaining strong grounds around the world market.

4.How different are your products from minilab?

Minilab was a concept, We want to change the way people look at photo printing and printing as a whole. Our both products Imetto and Prismlan3D printing are the solution for the otherwise depleting industry and we understand will be the path to survival and success.


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